About Us

Our Vision

Innovative management, consulting & advertising house operating out of our two departments in Los Angeles & The United Arab Emirates. We are well known for our capability to perform, nevertheless our attention to detail, transparency & continuous thoroughness. When generating hot leads we value quality over quantity & strive to not just meet your expectations – but to exceed them.

Our Story

Viral Tube was founded in The United Arab Emirates in 2018 as an extension of various digital agencies from The United States of America, Europe & The UAE. When the previous firms extended their Social Media services & Viral Tube was created, the founders of the old firms covered the YouTube segment in this new power house to deliver tier 1 YouTube traffic.

Every senior partner has at least six years of experience in their respective field which creates the perfect foundation of a successful & strong firm across the board. Every single department of ours is managed by one of the senior partners & is well equipped for executing any of the services that we provide. 

Viral Tube is a this given point in time entirely owned by Capital International LLC, based out of the US, & International Ventures LLC, based out of the UAE. We operate with a worldwide clientele which means that regardless of where in the world you are located – we are able to execute in order to your desired service. We cover all timezones, niches & types of businesses. Our agents & developers are set-up for each timezone & category making sure we cover the entire spectrum. Viral Tube is build upon values as transparency, honesty, innovativeness & quality.

Our main priorities is to keep all of our clients satisfied, if not ecstatic, when it comes to our services & the end result. We are proud of how our clients talk about us & have furthermore never experienced a bad outcome of a campaign which our Trustpilot solidifies as well. Please reach out to us for any sort of inquiry & we will get back to you right away with our take on which solution would be the best & how we, together, can get the best possible end result.