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Going viral on YouTube is one of the most cost efficient ways of generating traffic towards your overall purpose. Through time we have seen great results for clients across industries, such as artists, models, businesses alongside others. As long as you have something to offer, going viral on YouTube will most definitely help you to bring awareness & increase your overall conversions.

We guide, help & execute with you every step of the way. Our clients are never left in the dark & receive regular updates every single Monday while having the opportunity to influence the direct results by working closely together with your manager that is assigned for the project in case that is within your preference.

Our Strategy

Every campaign has a timeframe of 7 days & autorenews every Monday where your manager will present & evaluate the results & progress for the past 7 days.

Our strategy is quite straight forward. We influence the API / algorithm on YouTube by having our community engage with your posts, existing as well as new ones, in order to stimulate the algorithm to favor your posts & push them to the 'trending' / 'recommended' page of different people, organically. What we see is the snowball effect in action & in most of the cases it contributes already from the first post when we start engaging. The short term results are great - & the long term are as well. When your posts get promoted to the 'trending' / 'recommended' page of other people it will naturally pick up a high amount of views, likes, comments as well as followers. All organically since it is being displayed in front of the eyes of hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people depending on how intense we engage.

We will engage with 1 video per week, a new as well as an existing one, depending on your preference.

Last but not least, everything is completely safe & goes hand in hand with YouTube's community guidelines.

Personal Manager

From when payment is made you will have a personal manager assigned that takes care of the entire project. Your manager will, together with you, decide the video for the week that we are going to do the advertising on. Last but not least, your manager is furthermore available all 7 days of the week in order to help, guide & elaborate on the project for you.

Project Launch

Once you have been onboarded & met your personal manager the project will launch. All projects are live on a timeframe of 7 days, more specifically Monday - Monday where we launch all projects as well.

Traffic Increase

After the launch you will see a rapid increase in your views & likes from our community while being promoted to the 'trending' / 'recommended' page on YouTube. As a direct product of this you will furthermore appear in the eyes of new people on YouTube that will follow, comment & interact with your content, as well as profile, if they find it appealing.

End Of Project

On the following Monday of the launch, the project is over & your manager will present the results primo / ultimo as well as present a plan of how to proceed in order to get the most effective results for the future.


We have helped thousands of hardworking and inspiring YouTubers to grow their channels and business.

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I was skeptical about working with viral tube due to past incidents with low quality services from other providers but these guys delivered exactly what was promised. They even helped me with consulting on the best way to even upload my videos. Overall a really good experience working with them.


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Communication was superb and I felt engaged and informed in the whole process. Immediate results and quality traffic. Couldn't have gotten to where I am without Kristoffer.



Refund Guarantee - 5/5 on TrustPilot

When purchasing a plan we guarantee the amount you paid for, in all cases. If we experience a project where we are not able to deliver the guaranteed amount , we extend the project for a further of 7 days & cover all costs as well as expenses until the guaranteed amount has been fully achieved.