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Our Vision - To Increase Our Clients Traffic

Innovative management, consulting & advertising house operating out of our two departments in Los Angeles & The United Arab Emirates. We are well known for our capability to perform, nevertheless our attention to detail, transparency & continuous thoroughness. When driving traffic towards your clients YouTube videos we value quality over quantity & strive to not just meet your expectations – but to exceed them.

Throughout our concept of driving valuable traffic we do not just manage expectations, we guarantee results. If we can not lift the task within your specific project, we extend the campaign & cover the further cost until the guaranteed numbers on your YouTube videos have been fully delivered.

Every single client of ours have a personal manager assigned to their specific project with weekly updates alongside 24/7 availability in case you must have any questions or wish to do modificiations for the targeting.


We have helped thousands of hardworking and inspiring YouTubers to grow their channels and business.

Our Services - Always With A Full Refund Guarantee!

YouTube Virality - Go Viral On YouTube

Going viral on YouTube is one of the most cost efficient ways of generating traffic towards your overall purpose. Through time we have seen great results for clients across industries, such as artists, models, businesses alongside others. As long as you have something to offer, going viral on YouTube will most definitely help you to bring awareness & increase your overall conversions.

YouTube Virality - How?

There is no doubt about the importance of overall traction on YouTube, whether if it is for a direct revenue stream or leverage towards a record label. We stimulate the API / algorithm to push your account towards similar people within the niche rather than having an unqualified following. We achieve this by sending a signal to our communities of high profile youtubers, having them view, like, comment & subscribe to your YouTube videos, as well as account, where the algorithm will pick up your videos & broadcast it on the trending / recommended page.

YouTube Virality - Safe?

Our YouTube Virality is entirely safe & abides by all guidelines as well as polcies set by YouTube. We have never experienced any negative outcome of our service since it is entirely legitimate.

We furthermore guide, help & execute with you every step of the way. Our clients are never left in the dark & receive regular updates every single Monday while having the opportunity to influence the direct results by working closely together with your manager that is assigned for the project in case that is within your preference.

Our Clients Talk About Us Better Than We Do!


Viral Tube is worth every penny. I worked with other traffic source companies in the past but this is the first time I received quality traffic towards my YouTube consistently. Definitely recommend for any business within the service spectrum.


United States


This is the best place to get youtube traffic for the best prices. I got 10,000 views and other for my company and probably one of the best investments I have done for my company.

Big recommendation to everyone who is serious about their business.




Solid quality for an affordable price. Great communication and transparency. These guys helped elevate my business, no doubt. Very satisfied.


United States


This is the best place to grow your youtube and get traffic towards your youtube videos. It is refreshing to actually work with someone who knows what they are doing and actively trying to help you. 


Miami, US


I was skeptical about working with viral tube due to past incidents with low quality services from other providers but these guys delivered exactly what was promised. They even helped me with consulting on the best way to even upload my videos. Overall a really good experience working with them.


United States


My youtube channel has been very popular ever since working with viral tube. They understand what you want and execute. Great guys. 


Portland, US


The service is one of the best investments in myself I have made. They helped me follow my passion and now I have the opportunity to go for it. I will definitely keep working with them.


Los Angeles, US


Communication was superb and I felt engaged and informed in the whole process. Immediate results and quality traffic. Couldn't have gotten to where I am without Kristoffer.


Berlin, Germany


The people at Lucrative helped me grow my account so much. Really recommend!


Washington DC, US